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       riginally inspired by the novels of science
   fiction master Frederick Pohl, Heechees have become the calling card of Vitrix Glass Studios.


With their fantastical shape of colorful whorls adorning a clear or black stem, these abstract glass sculptures resemble the swirling bands
of light that make up the Milky Way. The individual ribbons of glass carefully wrapped one-over-the-other are not only the most challenging aspects of creating the Heechee, but they also convey a sense of movement,
as if traveling among the stars, and the inescapable influence of gravity which, it turns out, is an essential tool used by master glass artist Tom Kelly in creating these unique
and colorful pieces.


In Pohl’s iconic novels, Heechees are an advanced fictional race of interstellar travelers who explored Earth’s solar system long before mankind emerged. These fascinating pieces transcend all categorization, expressing a fantastical personality all their own.

Mini heechee sculptures feature five ropes
of glass while larger sculptures feature
seven ropes.